Field Intelligence Corps

The Field Intelligence Corps or acronym: Modash was formerly a corps within the IDF ground forces. The Field Intelligence Corps was first established in 2001. It was split in 2009 into two units. The  first, the Combat Intelligence Corps, which dealt in combat intelligence gathering. The second, the Field Intelligence Unit, which is responsible for the intelligence departments from the battalion level to the corps level, and still exists in the Intelligence Division.

The Combat Collection Corps came under the command of the Border Protection Unit, together with Border Infantry Units, until their final unification within the Border Protection Corps in July 2020. Today the it exists as an array within the Border Protection Corps.

Characteristics of the Corps

The Combat Collection Units (collection battalions) are spread along the borders of Israel. The soldiers are involved in collecting threats intercepting them in order to destroy them by using special and complex weapons. There are two main functions: fighters and observers.

Fighter Teams

An intelligence collecting fighter undergoes combat training that lasts about eight months. The collection fighter team is called the IL team - collecting and intercepting across the borders.

Mounted Team: Includes  learning the use of "raccoon", "granite" and "agile" vehicles.

Balloon Team: Learning  to use the "Ilan" observation balloon and tactical balloon.

The Shilonim Team: Study of panoramic observation posts and the role of the fighter therein.

Women Fighters

As of November 2006, women are assigned to the positions of collection fighters and serve in the Eitam Battalion (727) and the Eagle Battalion (595), in teams consisting of fighters only. The training they go through is equal to the infantry combat fighter training, and its length is also equal to the infantry fighter trawler training program.

Observers /watchers

The corps also has observers and radar operators ("Mukhtam"), all of which are staffed by women. The training for these positions lasts about two months.