ZMAN EMET- Cracking the Devil



The interrogation of Amna Muna is engraved in my memory till today, even though it has been over 20 years, due to a unique combination of several characteristics.

  1. Interrogation of a woman - something we were not accustomed to, even at the level of language (feminine form of language), the need to recruit and train female jailhouse informants, and other limitations that resulted from her being a woman.
  2. A terrorists attack which was carried out using the Internet, that was in its infancy at the time, put us all in a world that was unfamiliar, and we were required to study it on the go.
  3. The strong personality of the interrogee required us to show great creativity in the interrogation actions, patience and determination and especially building trust. All of these together led to her full confession.Dudi Gordon, head of the investigation team.