Accessibility Statement

We place great importance on providing equal service to all customers and improving the service provided to customers with disabilities. Accordingly, we invest enormous efforts and resources in making the website accessible with the aim of allowing most of the population to use it easily and conveniently and to make the company´s services more available to people with disabilities. Our company has joined the overall efforts to make websites accessible to people with special needs. The company´s website accessibility is operated by Sense Force software ("the Software").

The Sense Force system allows us to provide as accessible as possible content to all users. We are taking measure to update and assimilate accessibility rules as far as possible, in accordance with the WCAG 2.0 level AA requirements of the international organization W3C and to comply with the requirements of the Internet section in the Service Accessibility Regulations. Most of the web pages comply with the AA accessibility level criteria. It is important to note that, despite our efforts to make all web pages accessible, parts or capabilities on the website may be encountered that are not yet accessible or for which a technological solution has not yet been found. The responsibility for the use and implementation of the website applies to the website owner, including the content displayed, subject to the terms of use of the Software.

The website accessibility is compatible with the leading browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Explorer 11 and above
  • Opera

How does the website accessibility operate?

The website contains an accessibility menu. Clicking the menu with the mouse or TAB navigation allows opening the accessibility buttons. Choose the customization button on the menu. To close the menu, you may click the close button, press the "ESC" button on the keyboard or click it with the mouse.

How to use the site?

  • Create a shortcut menu to select content zones.
  • You can navigate forward on the website using the TAB button. To navigate backwards, click the Shift + TAB buttons together.
  • Supports NVDA screen reader software for Windows users and Mac OS X operating systems.
  • Color contrast changes: You can change the background to light or dark.
  • Font size and type changes: The text can be enlarged or reduced. The font type changes to Ariel for easier reading.
  • Navigating to content zones: You can jump to content zones on the website. The site is divided into key content zones. It is possible to jump to key content zones from the top of the page. To access a content zone, press Enter on the keyboard. At the end of the page, above the footer, it is possible to move to the top of the page.
  • Navigating with H headings: A side menu and the page content use H2 headings.
  • Forms: There is extensive support for accessibility of Contact Us forms, subject to the regulation for use.
  • Compatible with assistive technologies. For instance, supports reading of errors by screen reading software. Support of assistive technologies: Wide support of assistive technologies using ARIA rules.
  • Interface in 4 languages.
  • Compatible for use on tablets and smartphones.
  • Images - Alt is defined for all images on the site.
  • Accessible Website symbol - the Accessible Website symbol is the initiative of Access Israel. The symbol is placed on websites that have been adapted to the requirements to make them accessible to people with disabilities. The purpose of placing the symbol is to promote public awareness of web accessibility and to inform website users of the extent of its accessibility. We are taking steps to obtain an Accessible Website symbol.

Problems and inaccessible content

There are currently no known accessibility problems on the website.Have you encountered a problem? Let us know! We try to maintain the website on the highest level.

Public accessibility inquiries

We would be pleased to receive inquiries for information and/or suggestions to improve the accessible service experience. You are invited to contact the accessibility coordinator by email at any time, so we may take care of the problem in the best way possible. Please add as full details as possible and contact the accessibility coordinator:
email: [email protected]

Description of the problem:
  • Which action did you try to perform?
  • Which page were you using? (browser type and version).
  • Operating system.
  • Type of assistive technology used (if any).
  • The assistance required.