On a day-to-day basis, the activities of the IICC are conducted by a dedicated staff of four, backed by about 100 volunteers, among them veterans and bereaved family members of the Israeli Intelligence community. 

The Meir Amit Intelligence & Terror Information Center also has a handful of professional staff, who engage in research and analysis.

IICC Staff

Lt. Col. (res.) Hanan Mazor, Deputy CEO and Site Manager
Avi Tal, Logistics Manager
Rakefet Peer, Secretary of the Association

Meir Amit Intelligence & Terror Information Center Staff

Col. (ret.) Dr. Reuven Erlich, Director of the Center
Dr. Yoram Kahati, Deputy Director & Senior Analyst
Dr. Eli Amarillio, Senior Analyst
Sarit De-Castro, P.R Director
Nava Reich, Librarian

IICC Publications 

"Mabat MLM", quarterly journal in Hebrew Journal - Ron Kitri, Editor
"Roim MLM", monthly journal in Hebrew - Yochi Erlich, Editor