The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC) 

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC) conducts research and analysis on Middle Eastern affairs with an emphasis on the Palestinian issue and developments in terrorism-sponsoring countries (especially Iran and Syria).

The ITIC´s elite staff of experts on terrorism researches and monitors terrorist organizations, their structure, weapons, financing and activities around the world. In addition, the Center studies anti-Israeli incitement and the campaign to delegitimize Israel.

Two periodicals published by the Center: News on Terrorism and the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Spotlight on Iran are issued in 8 languages, including Persian and Arabic. Regarded as factual, reliable, propaganda-free and reflecting the views of the Israeli Intelligence community, these bulletins are distributed to embassies and consulates, governments, think-tanks, academic institutions, the media and individuals who require up-to-the-minute, in-depth insights into such activities.

Within the framework of the ITIC is the Terror Exhibition, which displays artifacts confiscated from Palestinian terrorists, ranging from weapons to propaganda, illustrating the scope of their activities.

An extensive library, housing 17,000 books and tens of thousands of articles, documents and films, is accessible to the public for studies related to intelligence and terrorism.

Development of New Center focusing on "Intelligence as a Profession"

The IICC, through its Meir Amit Center, is in the process of establishing a new research and analysis center dealing with aspects of "Intelligence as a Profession.” The center will concentrate on the study of the history and methodologies of Intelligence disciplines, based on past and recent events, including topics, such as combating terrorism, cyber defense and regime stability.

The center will also encourage new thoughts and ideas in these fields through research and organizing conferences and workshops for local and international audiences.

These endeavors will dramatically intensify the already existing activity of authoring books and publications on Intelligence history and profession.

Leveraging the great reservoir of experience accumulated by professionals over the years and Israel´s leadership in this field, the new center will serve the great need of domestic and international Intelligence, academic and media institutions for a high level of Intelligence-related studies.

To help support the IICC´s research activities, or to become an underwriter for the Center´s Annual International Conference, contact us.