Central to the Heritage of the Israeli Intelligence community are the values perpetuated within its ranks: dedication to the State of Israel, humility, uncompromised integrity, sacrifice and personal example.

The IICC strives to strengthen the fiber of Israeli society by documenting and sharing inspirational stories about the Intelligence community, its missions, and its fallen. Thousands of visitors who tour the Center each year – most of whom are high school students and soldiers – view documentary films, visit the memorial archive within the "Shrine of the Name" and tour the Heritage Exhibit.

The Heritage exhibit is a showcase of various forms of Intelligence employed by Israel since Statehood to today, ranging from the most traditional HUMINT (human intelligence), such as agents in the field, to state-of-the-art technological surveillance and reconnaissance, such as satellite imaging. One display includes a conversation intercepted between Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser and Jordan´s King Hussein on June 5, 1967 at the outbreak of the Six Day War.

Among the films produced by the IICC as part of its Heritage project are documentaries of the Intelligence services´ involvement in the rescues of Jewish communities in peril from Yemen, Iraq, Morocco, Ethiopia and others.

The IICC also produces short films that record the memoirs of intelligence veterans both as historical research material and as a documentation project that aims to collect as much information as possible while these incredible individuals are still around to tell their stories. Often these films serve to document the legacy of hidden soldiers, including their involvement in important operations and in the development of Israel´s Intelligence community.

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