Sharing the Intelligence Legacy with Youth

Among its important missions, the IICC is an educational center for the youth of Israel. Through educational exhibits, films, lectures and personal accounts by Intelligence veterans about their missions and those of the fallen, youth are inspired to key values: loyalty, integrity and perseverance, in the pursuit of both personal and national goals and Zionism.

The Intelligence Experience is the IICC´s flagship educational program, catering to hundreds of Israeli youth monthly, and particularly those from the country´s periphery (geographical and social). In addition, the Center hosts tours by appointment for visitors from both Israel and abroad.

Tailored to the interests of each group, a typical tour includes a guided walk through the "Commemoration Maze”, viewing a heritage film (such as the Intelligence Community´s involvement in rescuing Diaspora Jewish communities in peril), exhibit tours and listening to veterans of the Intelligence community telling stories of missions in which they were involved.

The Center´s Intelligence Heritage exhibit displays historical documentation and artifacts from high-profile Intelligence missions, and the Terrorism exhibit illustrates tangible threats, propaganda, the perpetuation of hate and the Intelligence war against terrorism. Groups also watch the multi-media show "The Power of Knowledge” which describes the process through which the Intelligence community manages current threats. If you would like to help Israeli youth participate in the Intelligence Experience program, by becoming a sponsor, contact us.